Friday, February 27, 2009

Richard III: As Told by Lolcats

From my parent blog:

Not long ago, it occurred to me that with all the ink that's been spilled on Richard III, there has not yet been a telling of his story through Lolcats. Naturally, this is a situation that I thought should be remedied straightaway. (There's even one at the end for you Ricardians who patiently follow this blog, hoping that I'll see the light.)

Monday, February 16, 2009

More Books!

Since my last post on the subject, I've been pleased to hear that several more books about Richard III and related subjects are due out this year.

First, David Hipshon, as he has kindly informed me, is the author of the forthcoming Routledge book on Richard III I mentioned a couple of posts ago. (It will be published in paperback as well as hardback.)

Second, fellow Woodvillians (if there are Ricardians, there should certainly be Woodvillians, right?) will be pleased to know that Edward Woodville is the subject of a biography by Christopher Wilkins entitled The Last Knight Errant: Sir Edward Woodville and the Age of Chivalry. Amazon UK has it listed as coming out in October.

Third, David Baldwin, who has written a biography of Elizabeth Woodville as well as a book called The Lost Prince: The Survival of Richard of York, has a book entitled The Kingmaker's Sisters due out in June. I'm very much interested in seeing this one, as two of the sisters particularly interest me: Katherine, married to William Hastings, and Margaret, married to John de Vere, the Earl of Oxford.

Clearly, time to remind hubby that it's time for that Amazon UK gift certificate he's been promising me.